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TeraVault Ventures comprises of seasoned Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Advisors who help Founders build value in their ventures towards an exit via corporate merger or acquisition.

Business Management Consulting
(USA / Canada)

Our Partners and Advisors have held various C-level and senior management roles in global corporations over the past 20 years.  We have built a positive reputation among our growing professional network and we have a track record of successful strategic planning and tactical execution.

We are supported by a network of management consultants, technology professionals in software design & development,  channel partners and experts in business development, digital marketing and social media marketing & management.


We assist immigrating Entrepreneurs with setting up their business in Canada, obtaining work permits, and permanent residency (PR) for all co-founders and their family. 

Our incubation program is well positioned for a new start-up or expanding company to quickly and cost-effectively establish operations within Canada and target sales and market within North America.


Our Partners and Advisors are located in USA and Canada.  We have local presence in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Honolulu.  This North American coverage enables us to provide operational support, market intelligence, local business development with channel partners and targeted sales and marketing strategies.

We are also well positioned to quickly and cost-effectively bring up operations within USA for a new startup or an expanding company.

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