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At TeraVault Ventures, we understand your challenges and we have the experience and resources to help you overcome them. We help immigrating Entrepreneurs build their companies in Canada and the USA.

London - TeraVault Ventues

TeraVault Ventures comprises of seasoned Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Advisors who help Founders build value in their ventures towards an exit via corporate merger or acquisition.

TeraVault Ventures focuses on sectors where we have experience and educational backgrounds in:

• Software Development

• Infrastructure & Software as a Service (IaaS / SaaS)

• Electronic & Television Commerce

(e-commerce & t-commerce)

• Online Digital Media

• Financial Technology (FinTech)

• Big Data & Data Analytics

• Digitally Native Vertical Brands

(DNVBs or v-commerce)

Our investing Partners and Advisors have a background in long-term management consulting engagements with technology companies that we have equity in or a carried interest. This ranges from sectors such as e-commerce, mobile, v-commerce & digitally native vertical brands, fintech for credit services, online banking & stock trading, and online gaming.

Over the past 20 years, we have held various c-level and senior management roles in these corporations. We have built a positive reputation among our growing professional network and we have a track record for strategic planning and successful tactical execution. This has enabled us to provide management consulting to our own ventures and others that are part of our business network and personal interests.

Meet Some of Our Clients


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The Milkman


ANML Unleashed

POP! Vapors

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